Spring into Summer Reset: A Yoga & Acupuncture Workshop 

Join me along with local acupuncturist, Sarah Kaplan, for a collaborative wellness offering!

Spring transition is a time of rebirth and a time for replenishing creative energies. For some of us, the winter months can leave feelings of stagnation in the body, which can lead to feelings of lethargy.

This 2 hour workshop will open with a brief discussion from Kate and Sarah about self care during the spring transition. Our yoga sequence will encourage flow to help invigorate the body/mind/spirit, followed by longer held, deeply-restorative, relaxing poses with an acupuncture treatment designed to bring balance and wellbeing. Come reset and awaken to the possibilities of wellness this spring with us.

Saturday, June 1st

Grange Hall Cultural Center 

Waterbury Center Vermont
9:30am - 11:30am
*space is limited*

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