"Yoga flow with Kate is a special experience. I look forward to setting that time aside each week, as Kate gently and joyfully guides me through my practice. She is an attentive teacher, a highly perceptive individual and has an incredible knowledge base.  I learn something new every time and always leave class feeling relaxed, peaceful and a bit stronger and more flexible than the week before. In our busy lives it feels important to spend time being centered, grounded and present. Kate creates an environment in which that can happen and I appreciate how she challenges and inspires me as a student and individual."
 ~Chistina Pellechio 

  "Whenever I see Kate, whether it is for a yoga class, a nutrition workshop, or for a rejuvenating massage, I instantly surrender.  I don't know what it is, but whenever I'm in her presence, I let go.  All the tension I hold inside, both in my mind and in my body, slowly drains away until I find myself in a supple state of wonder, of contentment, and of grace.  Full of grace.  Kate is not one to rush an experience, a yoga pose, a time for refection, or even a good foot rub.  Her intention to her practice shows in how she takes care of her students and her clients.  I feel validated, honored, respected, and ultimately, whole again.  In this frenetic, frantic world in which I abide, I need constant reminders to slow down, breathe, stretch, and nourish myself.  Every class with Kate is an opportunity for this renewal.  It is a gift I give to myself and which, ultimately, allows me to continue to give to others in my life.  Thank you so much, Kate! "

~Meg Allison

 " I love Kate's holistic approach to nutrition.  She reminded me of not only feeding my body but my emotional life.  This brought some much needed attention on how to fuel my body (and soul) in a very busy and hectic life.  Kate's suggestions for snacks, meals and hydration were simple and ideal.  Her talks are refreshing, honest and a real nutritionally enlightening experience."

~Becky Widschwenter

 "I really appreciate Kate's clear and knowledgable approach to healthy living.  The information she shares can be easily incorporated into a busy schedule and her approach is realistic and encouraging.  After one of her classes I was inspired to add more greens into my life to kick up the nutrition! "  

~Indy Ewald

"Kate's knowledge of nutrition is outstanding!  Even though I'm nutritionally conscientious, I always learn new information from her.  I hope to continue learning from Kate as I forge ahead on my quest for health and peace of mind."


"I so enjoyed my massage from Kate. I feel refreshed and ready to start the week! The studio space is both relaxing and gorgeous- the massage- transported me to a place of well-being!  I can't say thank you enough!"


"Working with Kate was a rewarding experience for me.  I was impressed with her knowledge and insight into nutrition and healthy living.  Her ideas and encouragement inspired me in starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  My food choices are now nutritious and contain more natural items.  I'm  now finding times to exercise and relax with yoga.  I feel good and have noticed an increase of energy.  Kate's motivation and encouragement has helped me tremendously.   I look forward to continuing on this path and learning even more from her!"


 "During Kate's 6 month program, I was able to create positive change for my body, mind and spirit.  Together, we worked to move forward on personal challenges with exquisite, small changes that have made a big difference for my health and well being over time. "


 "Working with Kate was the perfect fit for me and my family.  Unsure of my direction when I began, Kate was able to help me prioritize my goals in a way that was both manageable and effective.  Her approach is the perfect mix of personal and professional and she had the amazing ability to customize my program to meet my specific needs/goals."


 "Kate's work with our staff gave us time to slow down, to breathe and to reconnect with our own bodies inner rhythms.  As teachers, we spend so much of our day in "output" mode with students that it was refreshing to have some time for some much needed "input" to stretch, to breathe and to re-energize our bodies.  Taking this time for ourselves helps us to have more energy for our students, as well as for our lives outside of school.  Practicing yoga with our colleagues  also helps to build a community of support-giving importance to the process of realigning ourselves regularly and taking the time to do the things that encourage us to lead more balanced lives."

~Sara Baker

"I highly recommend contacting Kate if you wish to make positive changes in your life thru nutrition, or relaxation with massage or yoga! Kate lives this holistic lifestyle with great sincerity and grace. Her beautiful skill set & intention to help others is crystal clear & her communication skills are always so genuine & caring that you will also feel that you have made a friend.  "

~Anne Cameron

 "Kate was my first yoga instructor many years ago.  Since that time, she has continued to gently guide me through the basics and has helped me to develop my practice, allowing me to get so much from my yoga experience.  She also gives a fabulous massage! " 

~Kelly McMullen-Fekert 

 "In Kate's presence you will immediately begin to relax.  She is compassionate, understanding, accepting and non-judgmental.  Kate offers a wealth of information and knowledge about yoga and health and, more importantly, this knowledge is informed by a deep wisdom gained from her own personal experience.  With her support, I have increased insight about my fluctuations of consciousness and she has helped me to slow down, relax, accept reality, and take better care of myself."


 "I have a busy life working full time and I have 3 young children. Sometimes I forget about myself and the balance that's needed to maintain a healthy, happy life. Kate helps me to find that balance and helps me to remember my body and mind need nurturing and care so I can bring that back to my family. I have experienced one on one yoga classes with Kate where she has tailored the practive to meet my needs. I always feel so much better and open afterwards and the best part is that Kate always leaves me with some yoga postures that I can do on my own - to continue the practice beyond the session.  Massage with Kate is also tailored to my needs which sometimes involves not only using hands but elbows and stretching to open up my problem areas.  Come to think of it... I can't wait for my next appointment with Kate!"  

~Julie Bock / Moretown, VT

"Massage with Kate is from the heart. She has a deep commitment to her craft and executes it with strength, grace, and knowledge. Kate conveys calmness and brings mindfulness, nutrition, and humor to her approach. I am grateful to have such a beautiful and giving presence in my life."  


I am so impressed by all the work you've done on the Clean and Simple Program. It was worth it to purchase! I'll continue using these recipes, because they are delish.  My biggest take-away is that eating clean feels wonderful and although it takes a bit more time it is so, so worth it. It's all about planning! 

~Samantha Boymer