Join us for our next class!  Essential Oils classes are taught in partnership by an amazing team of women. Classes are both fun and educational, we teach local and online classes where you can join to learn more about the benefits of essential oils and have your questions answered. Classes fill up - please register early. 

Next (in-person) class: Sunday, December 9th @4:30pm 1 Hour. 

92 South Main Street - Waterbury Vermont

Must be registered to save your seat!  Contact here

Essential Oils 101 Class
Essential Oils - What They are

Essential Oils are the aromatic liquids found in plant material like shrubs, trees, roots, bark, bushes, flowers, fruits and seeds. Often they are called the life blood of the plant because they carry oxygen and nutrients through the entire plant itself. 

Why I work with Young Living Essential Oils - 

I've been a massage therapist for many years and have always used essential oils but once I discovered Young Living I noticed the quality difference right away. Young Living practices a Seed to Seal Process, meaning they own and operate all of their own farms all around the globe and place stringent policy to ensure the highest quality and to capture all the benefits that a particular plant has to offer, not just it's perfume fragrance. These oils are 100% pure, effective and safe to use.

Getting Started with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.

If you're looking for support, I'm available to answer any of your questions and guide you in the right direction. Please contact me to inquire about our monthly educational classes.

How do you use Essential Oils?

Essential Oils can be used during any daily activity or practice for enhanced personal support. I diffuse oils to uplift my own or my family members spirits, to energize or to relax after a long and tiring day. In our home we'll use them to support the many systems of the body such as digestive wellness, immune support and proper respiratory function. We've also swapped-out harsh chemical products and have replaced them with using essential oils for a cleaner, fresher feel through out the home.

Essential Oils can easily find their way into your everyday life!

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