Rejuvenate with a therapeutic massage tailored to fit your needs. My eclectic approach incorporates deep and light pressure work, hot stones and steamed towels. A massage session with me will help to improve circulation while aiding to release muscle tension and toxins that are held in the body. Using a combination of long, flowing massage strokes, stretching and deeper tissue work where needed, will allow both your body and mind to unwind, relax and reduce your daily stress. 

When appropriate, I use unique blends of high quality therapeutic grade essential oils to help support in the detoxification process as well as releasing any held stagnation in the body/mind.

With each session that is offered, I take the utmost care in working specifically with your unique concerns, making sure you feel supported and finding the best results for your overall well-being.


*For more information on Aromatherapy and Reiki sessions  please check the Services Page.


*If you're inquiring about Couples Massage  

please contact me directly. 

Perfect for special occasions, anniversaries, mothers & daughters, best friends or cozy weekend afternoons spent together. I work beside my colleague, Steph in our massage studio space located at 92 South Main Street in Waterbury, Vermont.

Call to schedule your appointment -  802.224.6155 


Massage Location: 92 South Main Street in Waterbury, Vermont