Friday Morning Chill
 Yoga Series For Stress Reduction 
Slow Flow Vinyasa
Held at the Grange Hall Cultural Center 
317 Howard Ave.
in Waterbury Center, Vermont

This four week series is designed for people with some yoga experience as well as the inspired beginner. 
 Gentle, yet energizing yoga postures to relieve stress and tension in the body. 
Slow Flow Vinyasa is a meditative flow that practices slowing down by utilizing a steady breath practice and smooth transitions from one posture to another. 
Discover the benefits of a quiet mind through a brief seated meditation and learn gentle breathing techniques explored at each class.

Having your own mat is required for this class.
Where: Grange Hall Cultural Center
When: October 13th - Nov. 3rd
Day: Friday Morning
Time: 8:30 am - 9:30 am 1 Hour
Commit to all 4 classes and save: $40-
Drop-in rate: $12- per class

Yoga Series - Slow Flow Vinyasa
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