10 days clean and simple-

This program is for you if you're ready for 10 days of clean and uncluttered eating. Whether you want to kick sugar and processed foods, tone your muscles, shed weight, increase your energy, improve your digestion or just feel brighter and lighter in your body, this 10 day plan is perfect for you.

My program will give you the tools & tips you'll need to incorporate positive and easy to assimilate lifestyle changes that will have a direct supportive effect on your health and well being.  
10 Days Clean and Simple is designed to fit your needs whether you are new to the cleansing process or a seasoned detoxer. 

For this 10 days of Clean and Simple, you'll be given  delicious, easy to follow recipes along with lifestyle tips and wisdom from the traditions of Ayurveda and Yoga. You don't need to have a yoga practice to take part in this program
View this as a 10 day food and lifestyle immersion.
This plan gives you everything you need to focus on incorporating healthy, whole foods into your life, along with bonus pointers for you to take extraordinary care of yourself while participating in your life fully, as it is right now.

If you're ready to get started with recipes and nutritional tips that will have you feeling healthy and vibrant, click the button on the right to get started.  
Everything you'll need will be delivered to you in one email with a link that will give you easy step by step instructions to start you on your way to feeling more balanced, vibrant and energized. 

This program has sold out. Please check back for the new upgraded version of 10 Days Clean & Simple coming soon. 

 "The act of cleaning up my diet had taken on a larger than life aspect, but only because the foods, drinks and stimulants I needed to avoid had taken over such a large portion of my diet.  This cleanse brought that realization to light.  This cleanse was the light shining into the darkness that was my daily diet.  I've come to realize that healthy eating isn't just about eating oatmeal for breakfast and a salad at lunchtime.  It is the foundation of everything: from the moment I wake up until bed at night.  I am much more mindful about what I am consuming now, but also, much more joyful about making healthy choices to eat fresh, nutritious foods.  My food choices have continued towards fresh, and clean, even after the official cleanse was over."

~Meg Allison/ Moretown, Vermont

 "Kate truly demonstrates her knowledge and passion for healthy eating in her easy-to-follow Clean & Simple 10 day cleanse.  Wow I feel great!  I appreciate the tasty recipes, the additional information added above and beyond the recipes, and Kate's palpable support through her e-manual during the process.  I felt like she was there cheering me on the whole time.  

Before undergoing Clean & Simple, I had received blood-test results confirming a wide array of food intolerances and allergies.  With Kate's encouragement, I put her recipes to good use as I plugged forward with this newly acquired information.  After the 10 days, I can report feelings of lightness in my physical body, improved digestion after years of issues and discomfort, and above all else, mental clarity beyond explanation! I fully recommend Kate's Clean & Simple 10 Day transformative investment in your health!"

~Stephanie Haddox /Massage Therapist/BalanceMassageTherapy

"Completing this cleanse I can see that my energy is now more stable and my mind is less scattered.  I'm now cooking with new recipes and using more whole foods, keeping my focus on eating from the natural rainbow rather than grabbing simple carbs. Although I haven't weighed myself, my jeans fit better (straight from the dryer!) and I have a spring in my step. I'm moving through my day with more ease.
This program was easy to access and easy to follow.  Kate has created this cleanse to meet people where they're at.  One evening during this 10 day cleanse, I was invited out to a dinner where I decided to eat what the hostess served.  Although the meal wasn't part of the cleanse, I was able to comfortably get back on the program the following morning.  You can take part in this program however you need to.  I think everyone could benefit from a period of time where they are focusing on what they're eating and fueling their bodies with!"
~Becky Widschwenter, Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer, owner of Mindful Movement with Becky 
"Kate's program, Clean and Simple was a launch pad for me into self-care and rejuvenation. 
Before her program I was tired, run down, bloated and stressed. I tried to regulate my energy though coffee and wine and I would stuff emotions with food. I knew I could do better, but I really needed a plan to follow and be accountable to. 
This program worked for me. Everyday I would follow the suggestions paved out in the program. At first, it was hard. I slept a lot, thank goodness I began on the weekend!  To begin, I had a headache from the caffeine withdrawal, I've been a regular coffee drinker for twenty some years.  After the initial detox, it became fun to try the new recipes! In just four days I had an incredible amount of energy and clarity. I've become much more present for my family and a lot more attentive at work. I've begun to feel plugged in spiritually and I'm now kinder to myself. 
I finished the program with a strong desire to continue this lifestyle. The "avoid" foods are not calling to me anymore. I'm not saying no, never to cheese or a baguette, but these will be "sometimes" foods. I feel much more centered and alive eating the way that Kate outlines in her program. 
Lastly, I look better, my skin is so clear, and I've lost seven pounds.  I'm still working on it, but I'm not focusing on the weight, rather nourishing my body and letting it achieve the balance that is right for me as forty four year old women. I highly recommend this program. If you've been in a rut, there is a way out and Kate's program can gently guide you." 
~Carolyn D. / NY

"I've had the pleasure of taking part in the Clean and Simple program twice now. Both times, I noticed right away that my energy improved tremendously just by feeding myself good tasting, nourishing food.  During this program my chronic digestive issues went away and my sleep cycles returned to normal.  I've found this program to be the best way to unfasten my old patterns of eating and focus time on myself. By creating simpler food choices that are delicious, it has helped me to release old cravings and habits and make every meal actually aid and strengthen my body.  If you're ready to ditch your old routines and eating habits in an easy and obtainable way, this program is for you! "   ~ Hilary Day, Buyer at A.J.'s Ski and Sports /Stowe, Vermont 

"Overall, I found that I sleep better after doing this program and have far less sugar cravings.  I've seen some weight loss and a significant increase in my energy levels.  This program has helped me to eat right for my body and reminded me that choosing natural, whole foods is best in allowing me to understand the subtle information my body is always sending me."
~Katie W.  Preschool teacher / graduate student / Burlington Vt.
"The spring of 2014 my body asked for a change. The food I was used to eating stopped tasting good, I felt heavy and tired; my body, mind and spirit were asking to be well.  At work there was a wellness workshop that I missed because I was home sick, later that week, an
email went out with a link to Kate's cleanse. I followed the link and was captivated by the possibilities of positive change with the support of a knowledgeable and caring coach. This was just what I was seeking! 10 days with simple recipes...I could do that!

There were trips to the store for ingredients to transform my cupboard and fridge. There were green smoothies on my face and the face of my two year old. There were good nights sleep and healthy snacks to get me through afternoon slumps. There
 were affirmations to cultivate inner positive thinking. I was so happy!  The food tasted great and my body lightened with the loss of 8 pounds. I was focusing on myself, my well being and it totally paid off! This was my first experience with a cleanse and as a beginner I found it transformative. My eating has changed, my routines have shifted and I am better for it! "  
~Jennifer Hill/Educator/ Waterbury/Duxbury VT.